Hi ERJFC Players and Families,

Well, we had a crack, we had a fair dinkum dip, that’s for sure!  We ALL did.  Committee, Coaches, Team Managers, Trainers, Parents and most importantly, all of our magnificent, fantastic, talented and inspirational PLAYERS!

On Tuesday afternoon, we all heard the news and as far as our football season was concerned, we aĺl knew it was inevitable to be called off.  It became official last night through a meeting of all club presidents and the EFNL, and now through their official statement. Please see below.

I am, as I know you guys are, shattered!

It has hit me like a truck because I can’t help but reflect on all we, as a club, league and community have achieved only for it to be stripped away in one press conference. It feels like the Apollo 13 moon mission, a failed success.

That feeling will not last long though because I am already looking to the future and have been overcome by an overwhelming sense of pride.  Pride in all our players, all our club coaches, committee, volunteers and parents who have done everything possible and asked of them to make it happen. It has been far from easy, as nothing worth fighting for ever is, but each and every one of you have smashed every curveball and jumped every hurdle without a whimper or complaint.

For that, I will be forever grateful. THANKYOU!!

Where to from here?

Firstly, we will absorb the cancellation.  Then we will get on with the logistical tidy up of all of what our training and season preparation has brought, which will be limited initially because of the 6 week lockdown.

The first priority of this tidy up is organising our refund process. It is imperative that I assure you that this is well and truly underway but it is a huge and unprecedented task, especially for volunteers, with many variables and costs still to be calculated.  I ask that everyone please be patient and respect the time needed to do what’s best for everyone.

We ask that you please do not request your refund yet. We will communicate the process that will be available to everyone at the earliest possible time.  Once this process is completed, we will start looking towards the future, and I’m not just talking about Season 2021. Guidelines permitting, who knows what we still may be able to do in 2020.

Stay tuned with chins up, we’re still in there punching and certainly not going anywhere because all of our kids deserve the best that life can offer, simply because they are the best that life has given us !!!


Andrew Broadhurst,
East Ringwood Junior Football Club.

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