Team Managers – Role Description


  • Provide administrative support to the coach and football staff
  • Arrange the required volunteers for game day
  • Support the coaching staff to make sure the required administrative and support arrangements are in place so that coaches and players can concentrate on the game
  • To ensure all off field football matters are dealt with efficiently and in a timely manner for the relevant grade of competition


  • Ensure the coach and players are provided with sufficient equipment (within guidelines set down by the Executive) to ensure the efficient operation of the team
  • Ensure all players are correctly registered with the EFNL and any transfers have been approved (coordinate with Registrar)
  • Ensure team staff and weekly parent helpers have been appointed and are in attendance as required
  • Keep track of team players total number of games played
  • Check jumpers are in good order at all times and have appropriate sponsors logos attached if required
  • Ensure the integrity of best and fairest voting in accordance with ERJFC policy

The following list of duties is intended to be used as a guide to assist Team Managers in being aware of their duties for the season.  Duties may be varied to reflect an individual’s time commitment or the role as negotiated with the team Coach. A Team Manager Checklist is available HERE.


  • Ensure parents/guardians of players are added to the relevant ERJFC Facebook page as they join the team
  • Put together an email distribution list of player parents to enable regular communication (in addition to team Facebook page) throughout the season. You may prefer to set up a team Messenger or WhatsApp group.
  • Remind all permanent coaching staff, runners and trainers to obtain any relevant coaching/first aid accreditations with the EFNL – this will enable you to complete the weekly ‘team sheet’ on PlayHQ that is required to submitted prior to every game
  • Remind team crew such as coaches, trainers and runners to submit their Working With Children’s Checks (WWCC) to the Team Manager Coordinator before the first practice game.
  • Update the Milestone Game Tracker for your players, predicting their number of games played for the season ahead. Please make note of those approaching 50 and 100 game milestones. Save this tracker to the shared drive and send email to the Trophies & Awards Coordinator to confirm it has been completed. Any issues obtaining the information, please contact the Team Manager Coordinator
  • All players and families to complete the ‘Code of Conduct’ contract prior to season start date. Discuss with coach when to have copies of the contract ready for player and parent signatures
  • Check with coach if they have playing jumpers for the team. Once the coach has finalised player jumper numbers and once your player list is final, please complete the ‘Player Jumper Numbers’ spreadsheet and email a copy to ERJFC Secretary, Property Manager and Team Manager Coordinator
  • Just prior to the first game, print out full player list including emergency contacts in addition to players’ medication information. This information is highly private and confidential and should not be shared.  Ensure you always have these lists in a folder, on hand for game day in case of an emergency.
  • Just prior to the first round, once the early fixtures are published on the EFNL website, complete the ‘Parent Helper Roster’ for your team to cover the first few rounds (locations etc may change after grading rounds). Encourage parents to volunteer for one role for the season i.e. Trainer, Runner, Umpire Escort, Score Keeper etc as this makes your role much easier! For all other jobs, allocate between the parents ensuring the jobs are shared fairly.

Game Day

  • Weekly Team Communication via Facebook/Email – Provide parents with a weekly email (usually around Wednesday/Thursday) providing details of the next game location and time, if it is considered a Home or Away game, parent helpers rostered for the week etc. Please also update this information on the team Facebook page.
  • In these weekly communications, use the opportunity to remind of upcoming events such as Coach Report Nights, Team Photos, Macca’s Nights and other social events.

Team Sheets

Each Thursday/Friday prior to the game, complete and save a pre-game ‘Team Sheet’ on PlayHQ, including all players for the week, their correct jumper numbers and official helper names including coaches, runner and trainers for that round.

  • Print and sign at least two copies of the ‘Team Sheet’ and bring to the game. One for you to keep to make note of scores and goal kickers, and one to sign and give to umpire prior or after to the game in accordance with league rules.

Ground Set Up/Pack Up

  • It’s good practice to arrive early before your game to ensure the ground is set up correctly for your age group
  • Younger age groups will typically need to set up ground from scratch if playing from home. Duties may include:
    • Set up safety pads on goal posts, marking out ground sizes with cones (if not playing full sized oval), give the oval a quick check over for dog poo/other rubbish, opening toilets and change rooms for ERJFC, opposition and umpires and checking they are clean, putting up change room and umpire room door signage, put out scoreboard (if portable), putting out BBQ for home games, sweeping main standing area if dirty, set up an undercover scorer table with two chairs and siren, unlock gates for emergency access, place stretcher on boundary between coaches boxes.
    • This does take some time, so please allow yourself enough time for setting up the grounds until you are familiar with the process.
  • For senior age groups, all equipment needs to be correctly placed away and locked up, toilets/changerooms tidied, rubbish cleaned up at the conclusion of the day and all areas left clean and tidy ready for the next users of the facility.

Weekly Parent Helpers

  • Ensure all weekly parent helpers have arrived and are correctly attired according to league regulations (may need a bib, jacket, arm band etc)
  • Ensure they understand what is expected of them in their role
  • Ensure your team trainer has arrived with the trainer kit. No team can play without a qualified trainer being present and fully equipped.
  • Ensure goal umpire has a score card and pen plus 2 x flags
  • Organise the Scoreboard / Timekeeper attendant at all home games. Please ensure they are set with siren, laptop, score sheet, relevant game start/break time information and a score sheet.

Player Uniforms and Property

  • Ensure players are wearing the correct shorts and other non-compulsory items i.e., Beige compression shorts above the knee (not black!)
  • Check all players have their mouthguard
  • Check players have removed all jewellery including earrings, rings, necklaces, watches, Fitbits etc.
  • Ensure player’s property is secured during matches in changerooms – do not leave any valuables in change rooms. Locking the change rooms is not possible due to the next teams often arriving mid-game and needing the also use the space.


  • Ensure players have labelled their personal water bottles for the game. No shared water bottles will be provided by the club at this point in time. Ensure bottles are put into the supplied water bottle carriers and taken out to player bench for quarter and half-time breaks.
  • If playing a home game, ask umpires prior to the game if they would like a refreshment at half-time. You should then ask the Umpire Escort to organise this from the canteen prior to half time (our club canteen will provide this free of charge)


  • For all home matches, you need to present two pumped footballs to the field umpire to choose from. Put the unused ball back in your TM bag to ensure it doesn’t get lost (feel free to write your team name on the footballs in permanent marker).
  • Ensure the used ball is returned to your TM bag after the completion of the match (ask volunteer goal umpire to collect it for you).
  • Ensure your kit always contains a working pump to keep footballs in the best playing condition. If your kit does not contain a ball pump, please contact the Property Manager.

Club Best & Fairest (U11s – U18s)

  • On a weekly basis, select a parent to vote for the Best & Fairest players in the team. Coaches have the right to cast the second and third set of votes (discuss prior to the season with your Coach).  This duty is to be rotated amongst the parent group throughout the season.
  • Best & Fairest Voting slips (plus a pen) are to be distributed to the parent voter and coaches (in individual envelopes) prior to the match and collected after the match
  • Team Managers need to retain the completed voting slips (unopened in envelopes) in a safe place for the end of season vote count which will occur between the Coaches and Team Manager

Scoring and Goal kickers (U11s – U18s)

  • Ensure game score is kept during match via Goal Umpire scorecard
  • At conclusion of the game, the Goal Umpires from both sides should ensure their scores match and then sign the score cards. These are to be given the field umpire at the end of the game. It is important to either take a photo of the scorecard or otherwise the final scoreboard, to ensure you enter the correct scores into PlayHQ after the game.
  • Team Manager should note goal kickers on the 2nd printed copy of the Team Sheet for uploading to PlayHQ


  • Check with umpires within 10 minutes of the game ending that there were no reports (“All Clear”)
  • If there are player reports, collect report and return to ERJFC Secretary and advise any player involved that he/she will be required to attend the tribunal

Game Awards

  • Determine with coach/other football staff, weekly award recipients to be presented post-game. Please ensure your coach and players move off field to present these awards.
  • Prepare weekly awards for distribution (keep pen/sharpie texta in your team bag)
  • Prepare encouragement award for best player from opposition team (U8s and U9s)
  • Note that every few weeks the game awards for East Ringwood players will be presented at the ‘Coaches Report Night’, along with a weekly game report from the Coach, rather than at the game


  • Enter post-game scores into PlayHQ (Under 10 and above). This must be completed before 9pm each Sunday
  • Include goal scorer names (not best players) for ages 11 and over
  • To ensure data integrity of ‘player total games played’ statistics, ensure you remove names of players who did not end up playing and include others who may have filled in in PlayHQ
  • Update your teams ‘Milestone Game Tracker

Post Season

  • Communicate end of season activities (club and/or team based)
  • Assist coach to prepare team awards & presentation for Presentation Day
  • Ensure all jumpers are returned to Team Manager in good order and when all jumpers collected, return to the Property Manager at a time/day suitable for the Property Manager
  • Ensure all volunteer uniforms are washed and returned to Property Manager
  • Return Team Manager bag, Trainer bag etc to Property Manager


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